1. Start your EVE client
  2. Start PELD
  3. Choose the correct character in the 'Character...' menu in PELD
  4. From the main 'File...' menu, choose 'Fleet Mode'
  5. Verify the character at the top of the 'Fleet Mode' menu is the one you want to use
  6. In 'Server to use', either leave the default '' or enter in your alliance's PELD-Server URL (ask your FC)
  7. If you are not the FC, leave the 'Fleet Member' radio button checked
  8. If you are participating in a large fleet fight, consider checking the 'low CPU mode' option
    This will drastically reduce the CPU useage of PELD, but will prevent you from seeing your own combat statistics locally
  9. Hit 'Login', a webpage will open for you to login via ESI, and a notification will pop up letting you know PELD is awaiting your login
  10. A few seconds after you login, PELD will close the 'awaiting login' notification, and then you can play EVE normally!
PELD will automatically detect your fleet and send your combat statistics to the FC, you don't need to restart 'Fleet Mode' if you leave/join a new fleet.
Moving members
  1. Drag and drop any fleet member to move them
  2. Move your fleet member over a wing/squad to expand the wing/squad
  3. The fleet panel will take a few seconds to update
Kicking members
  1. Click on any fleet member
  2. Choose 'Kick Member' from the dropdown
  3. The fleet panel will take a few seconds to update
Statistics Details
Hover over any number in the Fleet Statistics panel to get a list of members the stat applies to
Move Statistics
Drag and drop any Fleet Statistic card to re-order them
Reorder Data
Drag and drop the title of any PELD Data card to reorder them, or change the column they are in
If all the PELD Data cards are in one column, the column will expand to take up the whole panel
NOTE: Within a data card, entries are ordered from highest value to lowest value
Change Settings
It is highly recommended to verify your PELD settings before you start combat
Click the gear next to 'PELD Data' to view/change your settings
PELD Settings are saved to your webbrowser and persist across PELD-Fleet sessions
Average Values over (x) Seconds
This is a critical setting. This is how long 'hits' will stay on your screen, and affects how DPS is calculated.
For instance, if you choose a value of 30 seconds, and a Hurricane hits for 3000 damage, you will see '100' DPS and the hit will remain on your screen for 30 seconds.
Expand PELD Data Entries
If checked, each new combat entry will be automatically expanded so you can see a breakdown of who was involved and the weapons they used.
This changes the color that appears for each entry and card header. Click on a color to change it.